This is a great place to find some answers regarding my bridal services if you're not sure you want to reach out to me personally, yet. If there's a question not answered here please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.


Do you travel?

Yes, I travel pretty much anywhere I am needed. Keep in mind travel is not free for me so I do charge a travel fee accordingly.


Will you do just the bride?

Yes. I will do just the bride. I don't have a minimum number of people that I need to make it "worth it" for me.


What is your style?

I would describe my style as natural and timeless. I don't prefer heavy glam, though I can do it if necessary. For hair I would call my style romantic and at times whimsical.


How do I Book you?

I will get the details of your wedding first to see if I am available that day. 
If I am available I will send over a contract via HoneyBook along with your invoice. 
Details will be talked about and your deposit secures your date!


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